My first publications were academic papers in the field of clinical psychology and public health, back in 2008 and 2009. Then, I got unexpectedly pregnant during my Master’s, and writing about it was necessary and transformative! At the time, I published a collection of short stories based on my own experiences as a new mom. I also started to write almost compulsively in different blogs while trying to keep pace with an Academic career. I was able to publish a couple more papers and articles in collective books. My main publication though is a biographical essay that sometimes appears in the self-help sections, in which I part from my own experience as a woman and mom to discuss gender equality, subjective well-being, feminisms and other subjects present in my Ph.D. thesis. My last publication was in 2020, which is also a biographical story about my experience as a therapist immigrating to Canada on the verge of a pandemic. I think I just can’t avoid putting my flesh and blood into my words…

All of my writings were published in Portuguese, except for my thesis which is in English and was defended in French. But I’ve been writing in these three languages in my blog. Now, after three years of working intensively as a mental health professional (during a pandemic!), I feel that creative spark again, which will inevitably result in more publications! (I’m working on precisely two book projects right now). For one of them, I’m partnering with dear friend and talented artist Renata Pollock. I hope soon to be able to share more about my recent writings.

Check out some of my main publications:

Ph.D. Thesis “Keeping head above water: social presence in the transitions of Brazilian women to motnerhood”
Paper Reflexões sobre a prática dos psicólogos nos serviços de saúde pública
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